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Stakeholder workshop in Murcia, Research, Dialogue & Action

On April 19th, a full-day event was held at La Junquera regenerative farm and village. During the event, the first results on soil biodiversity in the different cereal fields of the region were shared as part of the SOILGUARD project. Additionally, an open dialogue was held on the different agricultural practices – organic, regenerative, or conventional – and their interaction with soil biodiversity.

The event brought together a group of researchers, farmers, technicians, and the general public interested in soil health. The main objective was to share the progress of the SOILGUARD project in Murcia, which aims to develop tools for the sustainable management of soil biodiversity. By means of the results obtained, a series of soil biodiversity indicators will be created in order to know what implications it has on the ecosystem functions and how it affects the different soil management in different soil degradation conditions and in different scenarios.

Promising Results for Soil Biodiversity in Murcia

The initial results of the SOILGUARD project in Murcia are promising. Initial results of the project were shared and discussed. And the differences among soil properties and soil biodiversity at different management practices were presented. More is coming when all results will be ready!

Open Dialogue on Agricultural Practices and Soil Biodiversity 

Then, the event also featured an open dialogue on the various agricultural practices and their impact on soil biodiversity. Discussions covered the advantages and disadvantages of organic, regenerative, and conventional practices, while exploring new strategies to improve soil health.

A Visit to La Junquera Farm to See Regenerative Practices in Action 

At the end, the event concluded with a visit to La Junquera farm, which implements regenerative agricultural practices to improve soil health and biodiversity. Attendees were able to witness firsthand the practices being carried out on the farm and learn from the farmers’ experiences.

Leitat Projects Blog, 15 May 2024.

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