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Cross-Biome Network of Soils

🌍✨ Discover SOILGUARD’s Cross-Biome Network of Soils: Unlocking Soil’s Secrets!

🌱🔍 🚀 GLOBAL EXPLORATION: Join us in 10 regions worldwide, exploring diverse biomes—agroecosystems, grasslands, and forests. Witness the impact on soil under different managements conventional vs. organic and varying degrees of degradation.

🔬 CRUCIAL ASSESSMENT: Our biodiversity and ecosystem services assessments decode the effects of degradation on soil life, unraveling cascading impacts on well-being.

👁️‍🗨 JOIN THE JOURNEY: Follow us as we unveil Earth’s hidden narratives, revealing the vital link between soil health and human well-being.

🌱🌐 SOILGUARD’s Cross-Biome Network of Soils: Beyond Exploration, a Commitment to Soil’s Future.

🌍✨ #SOILGUARDCrossBiome #SafeguardingOurSoil Embark with us and cultivate a sustainable legacy! More information about the soil sampling methodology and results is coming soon🌿🌏

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