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Exploring the Depths: with SOILGUARD’s Lab Analysis Journey

Welcome to the fascinating world of soil biodiversity with the SOILGUARD project! In Work Package 2, our dedicated experts employ cutting-edge lab analyses to explore the intricacies of soil health. Through a series of engaging videos, we invite you to delve into the significance and key processes of our research. The first video introduces the critical work of our experts, providing a glimpse into the captivating field of soil biodiversity science. Subsequent videos unveil essential steps, from preparing soil suspensions and precise pipetting to the crucial role of substrates, deepwell incubation, and the addition of THAM for soil analysis. The final video explains the process of reading fluorescence signals using a spectrophotometer, emphasizing its crucial role in decoding soil biodiversity. While spotlighting procedural aspects, these videos collectively contribute to our overarching goal of unraveling the mysteries of soil health. Stay tuned as we continue to explore and understand the hidden world beneath our feet.

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